Benefits received

The women who receive support from Huellas que Trascienden obtain several benefits.
Amongst these, we can highlight the following:
Interest-free resources in kind to start a productive project. Turn their innate abilities into earnings for their households. Save money to improve their way of life of the women involved, their children and other family members. Attend consulting sessions so that their businesses can prosper. Monitoring of their projects for up to 3 years to ensure their success. Being part of a support group, to grow their businesses. Learn about basic business topics from our workshops (re acomodar) Assistance in the sale of their products, allowing them to free themselves from intermediaries and receive fair payments. Cash flow to their community through our community-based tourism program.
Paty Jo’on biil te Patricia jonel. Wokolayal te mamtik te bit’il la yakbontel koltayel lek yakon bajel sok te chonbajele ja’ te pak’ te la yakbon wokolayal te mamtike lek yakon bajel sok te chonbajele.

My name is Patricia. Thank you, Huellas que Trascienden, for the support. My clothing sales are doing well and I am generating a profit.

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Marta Jo’on Marta. Wokolayal te mamtik te bit’il layak’tiktel te apoyoe. Wokolayal te bit’il. Wokolayal te la yak’ te koltayel te mamtike yu’un ya sk’anxan te mantikxantel yaan bayal te estambre yakuk yakxantel bayal te apoyoe jich ya jmanxan bayal tsi’na te estambre. Janax k’opa abi.

I am Marta. Thank you, Huellas que Trascienden, for coming to give us assistance. The program is helping me sell yarn and training me. I want to buy more yarn to keep on selling.

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Rosa Jo’on Rosa on. Te la yabon koltayel te mamtik layabontel estambreetik te ya Chone pero lek yak bael te bek ya kon ta schonele. Ya k’anxan yabontel apoyo para que yas esma mojel te biluke y jich ya xmo’xan te biluke y jich ya spasan surtir a te biluke ya k’anxan bayal koltayel. Wokolayal te beluk ta yalbotike. Ya knix lokel te ch’in ganare.

I am Rosa. Thank you, Huellas que Trascienden, for supplying yarn for me to sell. It is selling well. I want to keep on receiving the benefits and training so that my business can grow and have more profit.

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Angelina Jo’on biil Angelina. Ja’ tajo te apoyo Huellas que Trascienden. Yu’un te la yabon te apoyoe ja’ te bit’il moonaje la yakbonik chonbajel la yakbonik pak’ jich yu’un jich kajon mojel jich yu’un ay te ganancia jich yu’un ya k’anxan mas te chonbajele ya k’anxan te xbolxan lek te chonbajele diferentes ya k’an te chonbajele wokolayal te Huellas que Trascienden te la yakbotik te apoyoe ja’ jich la tatik te apoyoe le stsobobatik te banti najto jich ya k’antikxan bayal te biluktik te yakuk yakbotikxan mas te apoyo ya k’antikxan kaytik te chonbajel te ya kay chonbajel ta banti Plaza Yochib le ayotik yakotik ta chonbajel jich yu’un wokolayal te Huellas que Trascienden te la yak botik te apoyo ja’ te bitil esma kuuntik te chonbajel yak jilel te ganartik ta banti chonbajetik ta banti plaza.

I am Angelina. I found Huellas que Trascienden’s assistance and was able to begin to sell clothes at the Yochib market. With these sales, I have been able to have a profit. I am looking to buy more clothing in order to have more sales because I want my business to grow. I am thankful to the program for the benefits that it gives me. I like gathering at María’s house for Huellas que Trascienden´s training sessions because I learn a lot.

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Maria Jo’on Maria. Wokolayal te mamtik te tal yalbotik te bit’il yakbotiktel ch’in najtike yu’un swenta kaytik ch’in jala’ba lek te ch’in koltael la yalbotike ya jkil teme ya xlok’ kuuntik te bukae te ch’in gananciatike pero yu’un ya jk’anxan yaan te ayuk skoltayotikxan ts’ine ayuk yak botikxan te koltayele tojoltike swenta yun jich me pastikxan te kat’eltike.

My name is María. I thank Huellas que Trascienden for bringing assistance to the community. I have had more profit since starting my project in which I sell threads and weave artisanal crafts. I want to keep on having these benefits to keep on working.

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