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The success of Huellas que Trascienden depends largely on donations given by people with a great heart and companies who are committed to the community. All donations receive a Mexican tax-deductible receipt per donor request.
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BranchSan Cristóbal Centro
Online Donation: Huellas que Trascienden AC.

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The donations are used to:
Grant the economic support that the participants of the region require to begin their
productive projects.

Give the business workshops in native tongue at the communities.
Have cash flow reach the communities through tourism.
Assist the women of the indigenous communities in selling their products without
intermediaries and at a fair price.

We extend our deepest thanks to all of the companies and people committed to this cause
Luis Regularly, the NGO’s have excellent initiative, great ideals and a lot of drive. However, they depend on donations, which limits them. I support Huellas que Trascienden because I know my donation is helping create a long term, sustainable project.

I am sure the project will escalate and will multiply its impact, reaching more and more people every day.
Ricardo Garza, EsMiCoach One of the reasons I decided to support Huellas que Trascienden is the fact that its objective is not to help indigenous women, but to support them in starting their own business and in being productive by themselves.

It reminds me of the famous saying: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
Juan The conscientousness that Huellas que Trascienden exemplifies to the population should detonate general support. The poverty that exists in Mexico must be made known to the general public and, by doing this, reach the heart of many and come to a solution for the nation with the help of society and the government.
Anonymous I decided to support Huellas que Trascienden AC because:
1- There are thousands of reasons to invest in the Mexican women of that area
2- There are a thousand reasons for which to invest in the mexican women of that area.
3- Knowing that my money changes the lives of those women gives me great satisfaction.
4- The donation transcends in time and is not finite.
Eduardo Huellas que Trascienden is an initiative that we cannot ignore and one which we should support. I consider it an obligation to help those with the greatest needs and their families, contributing to enable them to leave the extreme poverty in which they live. Most of these families lack education and basic necessities to live a dignified life because, for generations, they have have not received support and attention from society and the Mexican government.

Mauricio’s sensibility towards the suffering of these individuals, led him to make a noble and brave decision: he left behind family, friends and even his own business to go and live in Chiapas in order to try to solve this unfair situation, within his possibilities. Through that, he has given us a great example! The least he deserves is our recognition and support, so that this effort can produce the best results it. We should do our best to help intelligently, not only by giving, but also by teaching the people to work and manage their capabilities and talents.
Magda I have had the opportunity to follow the comments made by Huellas que Trascienden closely. I see it as an opportunity that this young man, Mauricio Raigosa gives us to contribute something to a cause and through it, help the indigenous women in our society, whom are often left behind. The improvement that these women can have will not only benefit them, but in the long run, it may improve the entire country. It is like a chain in which we can all participate by contributing our bit to what others have done and will keep doing to achieve this young man’s objective.
César I am Mauricio Raigosa’s 89-year-old grandfather and I want to express how proud I am of my grandson. He is a very special young man whose only interest is to help people, in this case indigenous women.
Marcela Education is key for the development of a human being. Supporting Huellas que Trascienden has been contributing to the advancement of women who, with its guidance, will acquire a way to leave their state of poverty.
Pablo The work that Mauricio aims to do is not only admirable by itself, but it can also become a great driving force for the development of the community, the state of Chiapas and Mexico. When a person discovers his/her potential, they become able to do things that were hard to envision before. I am convinced that this is what Huellas que Trascienden strives to achieve. This is why I am proud to be able to contribute, within my means, to an organization that is honest, sincere and that truly looks after society's well being.
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