How we work

Huellas que Trascienden A.C. looks for women that have an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to improve their current economic situation. The participants, women from various communities of Chiapas, are helped so that they can turn their dreams into reality by becoming small business owners.The women who take part in the program must have a talent or project that they want to turn into income.
Our process is very simple:
1The interested women attend the introductory class in their community.
2They must take all three sessions of the introductory class.
3After the third session, they must inform us who will be part of their group, composed of three women. The benefit is given to each individual, but they must apply in groups of three.
4An oral exam is given and must be passed by all of the members of the group.
5The organization evaluates the exam along with each individual business proposal.
6The group and individual projects are either approved or not approved.
7The requested goods (equivalent to $2,000 pesos) are given to the women in the approved groups. The other groups must re-take the classes or modify their proposals.
8After a four-week grace period, the participants must begin to pay back the organization, within a twelve-week time frame, The payments should be equivalent to the monetary value of the materials they applied for in the budgets they previously submitted.

During the period in which the organization is backing the women, they must attend the workshop Un Negocio que Trasciende (“A Business That Transcends”), once a week, during 12 weeks. This workshop takes place in their respective communities and it strengthens their knowledge regarding business topics, which enables their businesses to Transcend.

If the participants meet the requirements of the program, like attending the workshops and making payments on their interest-free loans, they are eligible for a second assistance cycle that doubles the amount of the first and up to a third assistance cycle.
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