Actualizado: 11 oct 2020

We have created a new alliance with Cafeinaté that helps with the merchandising of the beneficiaries’ coffee, with the objective of finding new ways to sell and reaching out to more people who are passionate about good Mexican coffee that originates from Chiapas.

Their model is based on keeping a fair commercial relationship directly with the producers, looking for sustainability in each one and maintaining good personal relationships that allow them to keep working and being present during their development.

Cafeinaté collaborates with Huellas que Trascienden A.C., supporting their development of productive projects with initiatives in interest-free in-kind loans, financial and business courses.

The delicious organic and artisanal coffee of Slumal Kajpe, is elaborated by hand by the women from the López, Gómez, Juárez and Santiz families in Oxchuc, Chiapas.

You can find it here knowing that your purchase contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of the coffee growers’ families.

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